Advocate and Lawyer: Short Info

Friends Advocate and Lawyer are also considered as synonyms of each other but there is a lot of difference between these two.

First let’s talk about Lawyer Friends, Lawyer is said to be a person who is currently engaged in legal or LLB studies and that person does not have permission to fight the case in court because without doing full studies, he has not registered a lawyer. And the same advocate is usually called a lawyer, it is a person who has completed law studies and is practicing as a lawyer in a court, meaning an advocate is a person whose advocate is that student life is over and tell that advocate is called blister in south africa

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And now know about the lawyer, let us tell you that the word lawyer is a very popular word and a lawyer has received legal education and training.

Whereas advocate is a special type of lawyer who can stand for his client in a court and the word advocate is not used in USA i.e. United States of America, where the advocate is called a lawyer, friends an advocate May be a lawyer but a lawyer cannot be an advocate Advocate remains one step ahead of the lawyer and has a higher post than the lawyer and the scope of work of an advocate is greater than that of a lawyer. He has to present his side and the job of the lawyer is to give legal advice in this matter or to file a public interest litigation in any matter.

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Squads: Now you must have understood very well what is the difference between an Advocate and a Lawyer.