Gannon University: Empowering Minds, Enriching Lives

Nestled in the heart of Erie, Pennsylvania, Gannon University stands tall as a beacon of academic excellence, community engagement, and holistic student development. With a rich history spanning over 90 years, Gannon continues to uphold its mission of providing a comprehensive educational experience that prepares students for success in their careers and lives beyond the campus gates.

History and Background

Founded in 1925 by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Erie, Gannon University began as a small college dedicated to providing quality education rooted in the Catholic intellectual tradition. Over the years, it has evolved into a vibrant university with a diverse student body and a wide range of academic programs.

Academic Programs Offered

Undergraduate Programs

Gannon University offers a plethora of undergraduate programs across various disciplines, including business, engineering, health sciences, humanities, and social sciences. Students have the opportunity to engage in hands-on learning experiences, internships, and research projects tailored to their interests and career aspirations.

Graduate Programs

At the graduate level, Gannon provides advanced degree programs designed to enhance professional skills and expertise. From MBA programs to doctoral degrees in healthcare and engineering, graduate students benefit from personalized mentorship, state-of-the-art facilities, and interdisciplinary collaboration.

Campus Life and Facilities

Student Organizations

Gannon University fosters a vibrant campus community through a wide array of student organizations, clubs, and activities. Whether students are interested in leadership development, cultural exchange, or service initiatives, there is something for everyone to get involved in and make meaningful connections.

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Campus Facilities

The university boasts modern facilities equipped with cutting-edge technology to support student learning and development. From state-of-the-art laboratories to recreational centers and student housing options, Gannon ensures that students have access to everything they need to thrive both academically and personally.

Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives

Diversity and inclusion are core values at Gannon University, and the institution is committed to creating a welcoming and inclusive environment for all students, faculty, and staff. Through various initiatives, programs, and resources, Gannon promotes diversity awareness, cultural competence, and social justice advocacy on campus and beyond.

Community Engagement and Service Opportunities

Gannon University takes pride in its strong ties to the local community and encourages students to actively engage in service-learning and volunteer opportunities. Whether through organized community service projects or internships with local organizations, students have the chance to make a positive impact and learn valuable skills while serving others.

Athletics and Sports Programs

Sports and athletics play an integral role in the Gannon experience, promoting teamwork, discipline, and healthy competition. With a range of NCAA Division II sports teams and intramural sports programs, Gannon provides ample opportunities for students to participate in athletics and pursue their passion for sports.

Notable Alumni

Gannon University boasts a distinguished alumni network comprising leaders, innovators, and influencers across various industries and fields. From business executives and healthcare professionals to educators and artists, Gannon alumni leave a lasting impact on their communities and the world at large.

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Recognition and Accreditations

Gannon University’s commitment to academic excellence is reflected in its numerous accreditations and recognitions from prestigious accrediting bodies. From regional accreditation by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education to specialized accreditations for specific programs, Gannon’s academic quality and rigor are widely acknowledged.

Gannon University’s Impact and Contributions

Beyond the confines of the campus, Gannon University plays a significant role in driving economic development, promoting social justice, and advancing knowledge through research and scholarship. Through partnerships with local businesses, community organizations, and global institutions, Gannon leverages its resources and expertise to address pressing societal challenges and create positive change.

Research Opportunities

Gannon University is a hub of research and innovation, providing students and faculty with ample opportunities to engage in groundbreaking research projects and scholarly inquiry. Whether in the sciences, humanities, or professional fields, research at Gannon pushes the boundaries of knowledge and fosters intellectual curiosity and discovery.

Admission Process

Prospective students interested in joining the Gannon community can expect a straightforward and personalized admission process. With dedicated admissions counselors available to guide them through the application process, prospective students can navigate requirements, deadlines, and financial aid options with ease.

Financial Aid and Scholarships

Gannon University is committed to making quality education accessible and affordable for all students. Through a variety of financial aid programs, including scholarships, grants, and work-study opportunities, Gannon helps students alleviate the financial burden of higher education and pursue their academic and career goals.

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Alumni Network and Career Services

Upon graduation, Gannon alumni join a vast network of professionals and leaders who are dedicated to supporting their success. Through career services, mentorship programs, and alumni events, Gannon ensures that graduates have the resources and connections they need to excel in their chosen fields and make a difference in the world.


In conclusion, Gannon University stands as a testament to the transformative power of education and community. With its unwavering commitment to academic excellence, diversity, and service, Gannon continues to empower minds, enrich lives, and shape the leaders of tomorrow.


  1. Is Gannon University a private or public institution? Gannon University is a private, Catholic university affiliated with the Roman Catholic Diocese of Erie.
  2. What is the student-to-faculty ratio at Gannon University? The student-to-faculty ratio at Gannon University is approximately 14:1, ensuring personalized attention and support for students.
  3. Does Gannon University offer online degree programs? Yes, Gannon University offers a variety of online degree programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels to accommodate diverse student needs and schedules.
  4. Are there opportunities for international students at Gannon University? Absolutely! Gannon University welcomes students from around the globe and offers various support services, including English language programs, international student advisors, and cultural exchange opportunities.