{LATEST} How To Hide Messages On Instagram 2021

 Hide Messages On Instagram

All of you must have used Instagram to talk to your friends, your acquaintance, or anyone. Instagram is the most popular social media platform of today’s time where people interact with each other, share their stories, and interact with each other.
But many of us also wish that we do not share our private messages with anyone or weed them out. So this post of ours is related to how to hide the chat or conversion of your Instagram, we are going to tell you about it in the steps given below, then you follow it carefully.
Hide messages on instagram

Steps to Hide Instagram Conversations / Messages

1. As soon as you receive the direct message, you will get an Instagram push notification. Do not tap on it.
2. Open the Instagram app and tap on Instagram Direct icon at the top right corner.
3. Instagram Direct Message conversations will load. Do not open the conversation/chat for which you want to hide.
4. Turn Off Your WiFi or Mobile data.
5. Now, select and open the desired Chat to read the messages and at the same time don’t want to alert the sender with a Seen message. You will be able to view the messages.
6. After that, you will have to log out of your Instagram account. Don’t turn On the internet or Wi-Fi yet. You need to log out of your Instagram account without an internet connection.
7. To log out, come back to the news feed(Home) screen and tap on the profile icon at the bottom right of the screen.
8. Under your profile, tap on the 3 icons (Three dots Above) at the top right corner and select Log Out from Your Instagram Account.
Now, switch on the Wi-Fi on your smartphone and log in to your account on the Instagram app.
Hide messages on instagram

After following these steps, the sender of the message will not know whether you have seen the message or not, only you have to take care that you do not open the message if you did, then the sender of the message You will know that you have seen his message if you want to avoid it, then you can talk to whomever you want, but the person in front will not know whether you have sent his message or not.
So, That’s All In This Post Hide messages on Instagram.

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