What is Farmer Insurance Scheme

This insurance is given to the farmers or their family in case of any fatal accident that happens to the farmers. This is a help from the government to the farmer and his family to overcome difficult times. The farmers whose names are registered in Kisan Khatauni are given the benefit of this insurance.

For this they do not need any other formality. Whether the name of the farmer in Khatauni is in the form of a head account holder or as a co-khetedar, in both the cases, the benefit of this insurance is given to his family.

Why Farmer Insurance Scheme is important?

  • In case of any accident with the farmers, it is very important to get farmer insurance to help them and their family financially.
  • It is very important to have farmer’s insurance to compensate for the loss due to any reason in agriculture.
  • In the event of crop failure due to any kind of natural calamity, crop pest or disease, farmer insurance or CRIS insurance is necessary to give the benefit of insurance and financial support to the farmers.
  • Agricultural insurance is necessary to encourage farmers to adopt better methods of farming, higher prices and higher technology in agriculture.
  • Farming insurance is also necessary to help stabilize the income from farming, especially in the years of calamity (any kind of natural disaster).
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Features of Farmer Insurance Policy

  • For the insurance of crops, payment of its premiums, settlement of claims is the responsibility of the insurer.
  • To provide immediate relief to the farmers, 25% of the claim is paid in advance through the account.
  • This insurance is given to the farmers or their family in such a situation if any incident happens with the farmers which can be fatal.
  • To compensate for the loss in agriculture, the farmer should also be helped through the amount of insurance.
Farmers are an important part of the whole country, that is why their safety is the responsibility of our government. Every farmer should get insurance from the point of view of financial security.

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